Lori Mize

  • endorsed 2016-04-20 16:47:46 -0500
    This bill comes out of a bill mill which wants to take local control away from cities and municipalities. Not only should we stop using religion to discriminate, we need to stop letting these corporate think tanks push anti-government and anti-democracy legislation by grinding the culture war gears. Pay attention , folks. There is a much more nefarious reason for this bill than who is standing or sitting in the stall next to you!

    Stop using religion to discriminate in Tennessee


    On April 18, 2016 about 30 pastors shamefully stood in Legislative Plaza and spoke in favor of the anti-transgender student bathroom bill.  And religion was used to advance the counseling discrimination bill.  Many more clergy across Tennessee publicly opposed both bills.

    Whether you're religious or not, aren't you tired of religion being used to support discrimination in our laws?  If so, endorse this statement:

    We oppose the use of religion to justify discrimination in Tennessee law.  To use religion to divide us in our public life violates the spirit of the U.S. and Tennessee Constitutions, does harm to the people of Tennessee, and brings scandal to religion.


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