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    Operation Sentinel: Volunteers monitoring discrimination in local governments across Tennessee

    With the recent passage of the Johnson County, McMinn County, Morgan County, and Greene County resolutions calling for the General Assembly to fight marriage equality, we need volunteers across the state to monitor discriminatory measures and actions in their local government.  Sign up to monitor one or more county governments.  It doesn't have to be the county in which you live.  After you sign up, we will contact you asking which county or counties you wish to cover.  We will hold a conference call with volunteers in the coming weeks to prepare you for this task and show you what to do. 

    When we monitor local government, we can more effectively organize against discrimination. 

    Note:  There is no need to sign up for Shelby, Davidson (Metro Nashville), Knox, or Blount Counties since these counties are already heavily monitored.

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    Volunteer with TEP

    TEP needs volunteers throughout the year.  Please, fill out this form or contact us at [email protected] for more information.  Thank you!

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