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    WE, the LGBTQ Resistance in TN

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    One year after the election, WE are still working for the equality of LGBTQ people in Tennessee.  Your support with a monthly donation sustains the work:

    *Fighting back against numerous anti-LGBTQ bills in the TN General Assembly.

    *Helping local advocates and organizations stop the elimination of LGBTQ protections in Knox County Schools and stop an effort to ban drag performance in Portland, TN.

    *Registering voters, growing programs like Boro Pride, and bringing a vital health care conference to East TN.

    *Beinga voice for you in the media because our state's residents need to know that someone is speaking out for the values of equality and inclusion in the public square.

    WE can resist discrimination AND build equality with your monthly support.  If you prefer to make a one-time donation, you can do so at this link. Thank you!


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    I’m an alumna of Cookeville High School, and my in-laws live in Maryville, so I return to Tennessee frequently to visit. I’m also an alumna of Tennessee Tech with a degree in psychology.

    HB1840 must be stopped. Health care, including mental health care, must always focus on the needs of the patient, regardless of the beliefs of the practitioner. In many areas of Tennessee, there may only be one mental health care provider, so allowing that person to turn away people in need leaves them with no options even if they’re in crisis. You cannot allow that to happen.

    Compassionate care is the cornerstone of counseling, and if a counselor cannot move past their own feelings to help their clients, then they are in the wrong business and they should be the one to leave, not the client.

    VETO Hate Bill 1840, the Counseling Discrimination bill


    Please, add your voice and urge Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam to veto this discriminatory bill.

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    Dear Governor Haslam,

    We urge you to veto HB1840, which allows counselors to turn away clients based on the counselor's biases and values.  This bill puts the focus on the desires of counselors rather than on the needs of clients, damaging the counseling profession and putting clients at risk. 

    An anti-bullying amendment was stripped from the bill in the House Health Committee leaving youth vulnerable in areas where mental health services are not widely available.

    Thank you for considering our views.

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