Timothy Oldham

  • signed Censure Commissioner Hurst, make Sevier County policies inclusive 2019-11-09 02:45:58 -0600
    In light of the overwhelming amens, applause and affirmations by the rooms occupants all attempts to convince me of real sincerity of any reassurance or apology seem horribly inadequate and fake. I will NEVER patronize ANY East Tennessee bussiness including the Smokey Mountain National Park. Should I have to pass that way I will make sure I don’t have to stop for any reason. That kind of hate will outlive us all so let them go broke. The KKK group in Knox county proudly making their rounds on Halloween is additional evidence that IT IS NOT SAFE in that region. The government’s response has been completely inadequate with one man saying we have to welcome everyone, our economy depends on it. If that’s the motivation and he clearly says so I find his plea pathetic and disingenuous along with all the others including Dolly Parton and any of her businesses located anywhere. Being a tourist destination does not infer a damn thing. If all your apologies and reassurance hinges on your money and not the outright disgrace that has transpired it’s lip service only and I don’t buy it. I’m looking for a safer state to live in, the state of Tennessee is a disgrace to decency and humanity. The white heterosexual male is in no way compromised, he makes the most, he rules the most and he’s the most prejudice and intolerant form of human being on this planet.

    Timothy L. Oldham

    Greenbrier, TN

    Censure Commissioner Hurst, make Sevier County policies inclusive

    The racist and homophobic comments of Sevier County Commissioner Warren Hurst have shocked people across the country.  Please, add your name to protest his divisive words and call for policy change in Sevier County, Tennessee.  We will deliver your signatures to the Sevier County Government in November at the next county commission meeting.

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    To the Honorable Larry Waters, Mayor of Sevier County, and to the honorable members of the Sevier County Commission:

    Calls have gone out across the country for Commissioner Warren Hurst to resign over his racist and homophobic comments. While that decision is in his hands, we call on you to censure him by resolution of the Sevier County Commission and to update the employment non-discrimination policy of Sevier County Government to protect county employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.  We urge you to make this policy change by executive order immediately, to be followed by a confirming ordinance or resolution of the County Commission. 

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